Growing up in Denmark Ulla always had animals around her, driving her family crazy bringing home slugs from the forest, saving earthworms from getting run over after a heavy rainfall or helping a butterfly fly again from the roof of the garage.
Even the neighborhood strays quickly learned that it was at Ulla’s house you would find your next meal.
Pets were always plentiful as well, the more the merrier, and most of the time they all mingled happily; the rabbit chasing the dog, the budgies flying freely in the house sounding like the telephone and the pony figuring out how to open doors only to come wandering in to the bathroom much to the surprise of whomever was having a bath.

Horses always got Ulla’s heart beating a little faster so it was only natural she started riding at a young age. It was quickly discovered she had a knack for training the younger or more difficult ones and would often help out friends braking in and training their horses, usually being the first person backing a young horse.
Show jumping became an early passion and every weekend would be spent getting ready for the show ring where she competed on both her own horses and those of others.
In Denmark and most parts of Europe therapeutic massage and other holistic approaches are very common. Some of these skills are usually passed on amongst riders as an “extra help” for the horse’s overall well-being as well as athletic performance. Ulla found this to be very interesting and discovered she was good at it. She applied it before a busy show jumping weekend as well as on stressed or nervous horses and found the affect extremely positive.

After moving to North America dressage began to take a stronger hold on Ulla, not just as a form of training but also as an art; she began training dressage stallions. The owner of the stallions scheduled regular visits from the local veterinarian, it was during these visits Ulla discovered Equine Sports Massage Therapy as a profession.
The idea of making the passion of helping these magnificent creatures a way of life led Ulla to seek formal education in Sports Massage Therapy for the Equine and Canine athletes and companions alike.
Under the tutelage of Mary Schreiber, founder of Equissage, Ulla became a certified ESMT (Equine Sports Massage Therapist) as well as a CSMT (Canine Sports Massage Therapist). Ulla relishes in having these noble animals “speak” to her allowing her to aid them in their recovery and general health and well being.

The power of touch is truly amazing.

Ulla resides in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.